learn Italian

travel to étretat

dance on the street

hike to Kalsubai

deep sea diving

teach a class

read Anna Karenina

wear my glasses for a whole day

travel to Brazil

do a headstand

6 weeks backpacking in Europe

do a découpage project

a month long Asian holiday

hug a Panda

travel to Colmar

learn to run in high heels

stay in bed + read all day

read 50 new books

visit Spiti

volunteer in the North-east

get whisked away for a weekend

learn to bake

two days of total silence

play paintball

learn to shoot

ride a bicycle in the countryside

sleep on a beach

an island holiday

bike trip in the mountains

sing a karaoke duet

write a haiku

drink absinthe

attend a costume party

slide down a staircase rail

work on a farm

get fit

play music on the street

dye my hair blue

do the Frozen River Trek

get a dog

write a book

run a marathon

knit a scarf

do a Reading Challenge

participate in a flashmob

sell my art

live in Berlin

dance with Igor again

visit the Basílica de la Sagrada Família

be vegan

sing at an airport

get a really fat cat

pass the B1 Deutsch exam

do a pubcrawl

unplanned holiday

act in a play

road trip in India

learn pottery

live in a Monastery for a week

gallop a horse

read only classics for a whole year


complete 20 paintings

drive a truck

get a Dirndl

dance in the rain

watch a banned movie


get a kimono

go caroling

learn to whistle

slow dance under the stars


I was inspired to make this list after reading DowntonAbbie’s. Go check it out ♥ I’d love to hear your suggestions and I’ll keep adding to this list. All completed items will be struck off and followed by a detailed post!