things they told us girls

they told us to not to wear jeans,
coz it was against our culture.

they told us to stay away from the pickle,
lest it got spoiled.

they told us to cover our legs,
from the fear that they’d tempt boys.

they told us we didn’t need higher education,
because we were being raised to become wives and mothers.

they told us not to be friends with boys,
lest we got tagged as sluts.

they told us to avoid sitting next to men on the bus,
for the fear that they’d touch us.

they told us not to tell anyone,
because it’d tarnish the family’s reputation.

they told us not to drink and smoke,
for that’s not what cultured, respectable women do.

they told us to come home before dark,
because – what will the aunty from next door think about you?

they told us to employ fairness treatments,
for our natural skin tone won’t get us a groom.

they told us to get married,
lest we developed career goals.

they told us to get sex determination tests,
for fear that our wombs bore girls.

they told us to listen to our husbands,
lest we developed an independent voice.

they told us to place family needs above our careers,
because – who else will cook and feed the family?

they told us not to demand higher wages,
for how else would men feel they were better than us?

they told us to stop spreading feminism posts,
lest oppressed women found out they had their rights.

they told us a lot of things,
but tell me – what did they tell their sons?


I have written about Women and Women’s rights extensively on FaceBook but this is my first post on the blog. On a daily basis I fight against the oppressive society we live in. I shout, I yell, and I somehow survive when all I want to do is resign and retreat to my safe haven. But the world isn’t safe or encouraging for other women out there and some day I hope to change that. I will continue to fight and voice my opinion because there are so many women out there without the power to do so. I stand by all of them. I stand for them.


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