all over again…

It’s been months
since I’ve heard from you.
Though not as many suns,
since I’ve checked on you.

Something happened,
my heart skipped a beat.
I almost reached out,
before deciding to retreat.

I’m hoping you’ll write
to me before long,
un-say the things
we’ve said all along.

Is that healthy?
Perhaps not!
In a battle of hopes
my heart is caught.

Something tells me
that you want to talk.
Between us stands
a solid block.

Push it aside,
I implore you!
If you do it,
I’ll take that as a clue.

I’m waiting for a sign
& aiming for the moon.
Lest this were a dream
and I woke up too soon.


I am posting in this section after ages! It feels great to be writing again. I have been busy with work and German, among other things.

Christmas was very low key this year. I didn’t even get my trees out – not even one. Can you believe that? I am usually the crazy person who sings carols all year long! Idk, I just didn’t feel very christmassy this year. On that note, have you ever woken up feeling that someone was reaching out to you? I can’t explain this feeling I have. Maybe I’m imagining it, maybe I am not. Only time will tell, I guess…


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