retour d’information

When I read retour d’information, I have this mental image of information going on a tour and coming back, sort of like a boomerang! And it is apt because the phrase means feedback.

I got some great feedback just before the weekend. I sat for the B1 Deutsch als Fremdsprache exam. I tutor myself, so I am definitely proud of my language skills. But the thing is, this time I had a feeling I was biting off more than I could chew. I totally aced (or so I think) the writing section, tightly managed to finish the reading part, and even did well on the listening section (which is always a nightmare). But I got terribly nervous and fumbled, or rather mumbled through the speaking part. I am bummed because I’ve always had a full score in the oral exam, but now I know I have got to practise! I will be taking the B2 exam in early 2017 and it’s not a piece of cake. We are talking advanced German where sentences run half a page long at times! Well, I’ve got my retour d’information and it’s time to work on it!


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