Izzie Speaks: On why I want Trump for Prez

Enough has been said about the ongoing US presidential election. From writing off Donald Trump as “yeah right, sure.. Uh-uh, that’s funny” we have come to consider him as an eventuality. John Oliver went from ignoring him as a passing phase to dedicating multiple episodes to the ridiculousness of his candidacy. But this week, in the final days of the election, we are looking at some scary poll results.

I understand that this has been a choice of lesser evils. But even then, how does Trump – who has been openly misogynistic, devoid of clear answers on policy, non-responsive in terms of revealing tax returns, and a total bully in every aspect – get considered? Hillary has been targeted for the dealings of Clinton Foundation and the use of a private email server. But for god’s sake, look at Trump! Owning businesses and being rich doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing. It’s very easy to book profits and look good. Trust me, I am an accountant. You can always say ‘oops’ and file for bankruptcy later – which is something Trump has done. This is a man who has endorsed war crimes as a means of fighting terrorism, talked of building walls, and has shrugged off harassment as locker room talk. So, I don’t understand how shady server usage trumps (yeah, that’s right) being a horrid person.

We have come to a point where LWT with John Oliver and HONY have openly appealed to voters to support anyone but Trump. I mean, go for an independent candidate if you must. What’s the worst that could happen if you put Jill Stein in the White House? She will try to write off student debt using Quantitative Easing, which she says is nothing more than a magic trick! Pfft. If you could handle the subprime crisis, you can deal with another financial mishap.

But clearly, voters are favoring Trump after the FBI announcement earlier this week and I am glad to see it. If this is all it takes to sway your vote, then you deserve Mr. Trump for President. In fact, you deserve him for even considering him as a mainstream candidate. I am not worried about the already visible shock in the stock markets. I have grabbed a tub of popcorn and I just want to watch you idiots burn your house down.


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