Announcement : Community Giving

When I decided to move out of my corporate role last August, I had a generic idea of what I wanted to do. I was clear on one front : I wanted to see something tangible come out of my efforts. And that something tangible was not going to be yet another corporate’s growing share price.

On a hot summer afternoon, while I weighed my decision to join Teach For India, my eyes squinting at my computer screen, I discovered another non-profit organisation that worked with children from low-income households. The word that caught my attention was ‘mentor’. During my short stint in Deloitte I had seen professional mentoring relationships flourish under their global mentoring program. I was on board with the idea even before I’d applied to volunteer.

Mentor Me India works with children from low income communities by establishing Mentor-Mentee pairs. They currently run two cohorts in a year (Summer and Winter) that give you the opportunity to sign up for a year long volunteer program. It’s lower on the hour commitment but much higher on the satisfaction element. Imagine the possibilities that come with the responsibility of being a role model. Children at that age are highly malleable. Think about all that you can possibly offer that impressionable child. Take a moment to pause and reflect. Think about the doors you could possibly open for someone with a simple discussion. We are trying to build a community here and you’re invited to join us.

If you’d like to find out more about the program or have specific questions regarding role and impact, feel free to reach out to me in the comments or via email. I will be blogging about this year long commitment on my WordPress ‘Community Giving’ page. You’re welcome to sign up for email updates. I’d love to hear your suggestions for planning activities.

Up Next: Introducing – Maithli 🙂


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