So I thought

I thought you knew
there was nothing left to prove.
But I guess it ain’t real,
until you announce it from the roof(top).

I thought we were safe,
immune to desire,
Little did I know
I was playing with fire.

I thought we were
built on respect and trust.
Deep within, our foundation
was plagued with rust.

I thought we were strong
through sun and rain,
and yet you ran
at the first instance of pain.

I thought you were mine
to hold and cherish.
But instead of fixing us,
you let our dreams perish.

I thought we had forever
to live and love.
You pushed us off the cliff
with an easy shove.

I thought you loved me
like no other.
And yet you walked away so easily
without a look or a bother.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Shantanu says:

    Awesome one. Thoughts well articulated…rhymes well also..:)

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