On Air : Winter Season Premiere

It is that time of the year when our beloved TV series are back after the mid-season hiatus. I have been a loyal Bones fan for a good part of the last decade. My reasons for unwavering patronage to the series are : less romantic bullshit and tons of cool science! But then again, I have also been a solid audience to Game of Thrones, Suits, and Grey’s Anatomy. While I eagerly wait to find out Jon Snow’s fate, I haven’t completely given up on the lesser fandom inciting TV series on air.

I have tons of respect for Shonda Rhimes of ABC for creating some of the most beautiful characters. While Grey’s Anatomy identified Meredith Grey as a protagonist, viewers will agree that it was never about her. Grey’s transcended much beyond her daddy issues to deal with women’s career goals, planned parenthood, and equal rights. Cristina Yang, Calliope Torres, and Miranda Bailey went on to win many a heart with their brilliantly written characters. If the mindless and extremely annoying coupling was ignored, the series did manage to produce an engaging story arc through its first 8 seasons. But we are in the middle of Season 12 now, and one does wonder (many times over) as to where this mess of a TV series is leading. Meredith has survived a batshit crazy mother, a married boyfriend, a bomb in a body cavity, the consequent expulsion following cutting a patient’s LVAD wires, suicidal drowning, the death of a housemate, the near-death and eventual life-exit of another housemate, a shooter, the legal charges as a result of tampering with a clinical trial, a plane crash, PTSD (several times over), her own death while in labor, the death of her husband, and NOW – an attack by a patient! She is a superwoman like no other, isn’t she? While I have deep admiration for Shonda’s creativity and tight storytelling in Scandal and now How To Get Away With Murder, I strongly believe that it is time to call it quits on her original show. Following Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) death, Meredith went AWOL with her 2 kids and came back with an additional one named after her own mother. Viewers around the world groaned ‘not again’ because after Maggie’s introduction as Ellis’s love-child with Chief Webber, we really are tired of her. S12E09 saw Meredith being attacked by a patient, suffer possible neurological trauma, go deaf temporarily, forgive the patient, not forgive Amelia, and recover in all of six weeks crammed into one episode. Phew! If you observe, Martin Henderson who plays Owen’s newly introduced brother had not a single line, but a fleeting screen appearance in the background. This man played Mr. Darcy in the Indian Pride and Prejudice and made my best friend (who is now a doctor) swoon for years! And such is his fate today. Grey’s is currently narrating the stories of 16 (yes, I counted) main or sub-main characters! Need I say more?

On the other hand, Suits winter season premiered three weeks ago and is turning out to be increasingly promising with every new episode. We gave up on the ‘is Mike faking a law degree believable‘ aspect when the series premiered years ago. But what keeps us coming back every six months is the crisp writing, engaging character development, and the swag. Oh yes, most definitely the swag. Self Defense (S05E14) just aired in the US and I can feel the tension as we go to trial. Will Trevor back Mike? Will Donna commit perjury? How is our dream team going to come out of this?


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