The dreary realization of embarking on my twenty-sixth year refuses to sink in. How did I get through all those years!? When my age was in single digits, I often wondered about my older relatives and couldn’t fathom having lived for all those years. Well, now I think the same about myself.

I have never been the sort to feel excited about a calendar new year. I was always drowning in exams, limited review assignments, forecast assumptions, year-end closings, or some other equally reprehensible life matters. Last year was different though. I wasn’t excited, but my Dad knocked some sense into my head – you are in Paris! you must go out and celebrate.. Well, this involved joining a communal party on Champs-Élysées in near-zero temperature. So, I put on a short skirt (whose length, given the temperature, was later questioned by my father), matched it with a blouse, slapped on the sheerest of stockings, donned my biker girl jacket and pretended like I did this all the time.

This year, however, I sat down resolutely in my pajamas – a notepad balanced on my knee – and wrote down what I thought should be my resolutions.

  1. No more bookshop binges. I mean it. I have over a hundred unread books sitting in moving boxes and makeshift shelves. Every time I moved cities or apartments, I thought I should buy some housewarming books. Well, now I am buying furniture to stock them.
  2. Read all your unread books. This is a mere extension of the previous one. Here’s what happens every year. I delve into one of my comfort reads – P&P, Harry Potter, Seabiscuit – and the year goes by with me having read them over a dozen times. This year, I made my most difficult decision. I will not read a single comfort book.
  3. Discipline. Sigh. No, I am not joining the armed forces. But I have to admit that I have been lazy about everything from art to blog deadlines. Well, that has to change.
  4. Parlez-vous français? I struggled to speak more than seven words in French after living there for nearly six months. Shame. I have always loved languages but it has been a mess these past few years – Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Italian, French, Japanese, German – phew! So, this year I am going to take up a language just because I want to speak it. No more als Fremdsprache looming over my head. Make way for my second favourite language – Español!
  5. Back to Basics. I finished school five years ago and it has been a lot about finding that perfect job. While I am grateful for the experience, I am disappointed by my lack of direction. This time, I am taking a step back to figure out where my joie de vivre lies.
  6. More Art. Just before the year ended, Dad and I got a lot of paintings framed – things we’d collected over the last year of travel. Also, on my birthday, I bought a fantastic set of self-help art books. I have a bag full of supplies and I am rearing to go. This year end, I hope we frame some of my canvases.
  7. Snail Mail. I have always been a fan of the post. I can’t tell you how excited I get at the prospect of receiving letters. While everyone else is shooting emails, I am in support of sitting down at an old wooden desk, writing a note, licking stamps, and walking down to the post office. If you are on my mailing list, be prepared to receive some random handwritten notes!

My resolutions might seem a bit silly but this time around I am hopeful. I don’t want to see the year go by without taking a moment to stop and live it in the present. This year is meant to be epic! ♥


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