comment tu t’appelles ?

Hold the presses! Hold the presses! I have just made the startling discovery that I have been pronouncing my name incorrectly.

Isana [ i – sa – na ] has its origin in old German and means strong willed. I made the innocent (and common) assumption that s is z. Well, sagen is zagen, sitzen is zitzen, and Sonntag is Zonntag. But for some odd reason, Isana is not E-zana. I am beyond shattered to note that my name does NOT shorten to Zana.

Isana, as a certain website of dubious authority has chosen to enlighten me, is pronounced as [ Ih.t – Sha – Na.iy ].

Not very long ago, I shot a video in Dresden in which I asked my roommates to pronounce my colleague’s name. She had claimed it was Portuguese and so on live video I got them to tell her she’d been pronouncing it wrong her whole life. Oh, karma.


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