I read this short, and yet profoundly deep piece of poetry when I was 16.

wer bin ich?
bin ich vielleicht..?
bin ich..?
oder bin ich…?
ach was – ich bin!

Without getting into the translation, I will say this – I am, well – me!

Loud. Sarcastic. Optimistic. Dramatic. Unapologetic. Dreamy. Over-the-top. Opinionated.
Loving. Ridiculous. Unabashed. Hopeful. Strong. Bright. Young. Resplendent. ME.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. namrata says:

    very nice.. hopefully will inspire everyone to be just themselves instead of trying to be someone they are not !!!

    1. Shantanu says:

      Yeah I remember this…seemed meaningless (typical of German poetry.); but now it does seem meaningful..:):) Great one.

      1. deineisana says:

        Funny how that was ten years ago 🙂

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